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In his childhood, he enjoyed fishing and collecting insects in a country rich in nature.(Touching the mystery of cicada molting)

He was familiar with animals such as breeding birds.

At the same time he was also interested in the art.The reason he became  interested was a unique drowing in kindergarten.

Teacher told us to cut the colored paper randomly by hand,and then randomly pasted the colored paper on a large white drawing paper.

So the teacher asked us what a piece of colored paper looked in various shapes on a large drawing paper.He think,the color is different,but the shape is a dog's head!And this is the torso!The teater says to draw what we can see each other using crayons.He drew eyes,teeth and feet with crayons.It is a crayon line that was originally drawn on a randomly chopped colored paper,so it's almost impossible for a real dog yo see,but for some reason it is frightening! This experience is also used in his current work .Works using driftwood will be remarkable.


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