1990 Entered Tamagawa University Faculty of Arts, Department of Arts.Taste various types of production such as ceramics, weaving, woodwork, engraving, and major in oil painting in specialized courses.(Hard to go beyond genre by experiencing various expressions, tools, ideas, design unit structure, etc.)


After graduation, joined a foliage plant production company after working part-time,(Agricultural engineering, foliage plant lease, wood deck construction, in satoyama, Yokohama)

1999 Self-employed wooden sign production, deck construction and landscaping as a woodpecker

In order to remember at any time so that the budgerigars who belonged to the family died and did not disappear from memory, the relief points were carved into oak trees and colored to create a memorial board as a turning point. Awaken & Colored


“Gallery Wear Me Exhibition” https://wearme.exblog.jp/


November 2010   Exhibition for healing dogs, cats and birds

March 2011     Greenery, accessories, plant pots, vase       exhibition,plant time

December 2011   A gift exhibition created by the artist

April 2012     Healing Plant Exhibition Green Life

September 2012  After all, the cat exhibition is the ultimate healing after all?

December 2012   BOXZAKKA Exhibition

March 2013     GREEN NATURAL Exhibition Living green and natural. The nutrition of the heart to you.

September 2013  Bird and cat exhibition Bird and cat? Well well.

April 2014     Small botanical garden

April 2015     Plant time

October 2016   TAKESHI OGIU solo exhibition BALANCE

March 2017    Living with Plants Exhibition

March 2018    Let's talk with plants, flowers, leaves, vases and flowerpots

September 2019  Mini Mini Zoo


“Kokubunji Kurumi Gallery Exhibition”



August 2015    Creature Session

November 2016  Walnut Museum


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